Cyber security, Software developer, Research engineer in Wireless Sensor Network, Blockchain & IoT, blogger, Entrepreneurship enthusiast, A-TECH SOLUTIONS, The Coders Club founder.

Life is good, just appreciate it

Born in Algiers, Algeria. Abdeldjallil’s affinity for computer from an early age was a precurser to so much more.

Abdeldjallil passion is coding, since his childhood he loves haking in computers tips and he still.when he was 15 years old, he dreamt to create his first software called “INFOPEDIA”, a few years later he received an offer to start up a computer science school for children and computer useless peoples, but it was not a successful project. When he got the baccalaureate exam he joined the computer science department in USDB and one year later he was accepted in Information Systems and Software engineering bachelor degree in USTHB in Algiers and he got it in June 2015. After that on July, 2018 he got his Cyber security Master degree from the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene in Algiers.

Abdeldjallil’s passion infectious. His innovative ideas in designing some tech products during his experience in the Algerian ecosystem have spurred him to growth up his dream to found his own company A-TECH SOLUTIONS. Recently, he launches The coders club online platform (

Abdeldjallil still reside in Algiers, playing as hard as he works and shares his ideas and opinions in his blog. Abdeldjallil’s life is all about innovative tech products. you can follow it here on this blog and for the next challenges… stay tuned.