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Winter 2017 cames with extra ordinary pictures from Algeria, it snow in the desert. did you see a pantries covered by snow. the desert was white. This exceptional weather had the effect of cutting several roads in the north of the country in Tizi Ouzou, Jijel, but also in the heights of Medea, Setif and Constantine.

In the Algerian Sahara as well as in the wilayas of Naama, in the west of the country, El Baydh and Bechar, the snow piles caused disturbances of the circulation, rendering impassable several road sections. Civil protection services have been mobilized to provide assistance to the population.

Photos of snow landscapes in the Sahara circulate on social networks. Unusual landscapes for this region of the Algerian Sahara that has not seen snowfall for 37 years! Dromedaries and palms the snow, the images are unusual at least. Since this weekend, a wave of cold is present on part of the Maghreb. A depression caused snowfall in the north, but also in part of the Sahara in eastern Algeria. The red dunes near Aïn Sefra in the west of the country are covered with a white layer. It has been 37 years since the mountainous terrain of the Saharan Atlas had not experienced this.

Local press report :

“Isolation, difficulties in food supply, power outage and lack of butane gas were the main inconveniences caused by this exceptional time in several wilayas of the country”, reports the Algerian press.


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  1. Interesting photographs….I also have experienced snow in a high desert. Funny that road were closed because the quantity is small, understandable though because the people have no experience with it. Sorry I cannot like your post. There is no like button.

  2. And me? Concerned with my avocado tree! What gives, my Father, what gives? The signs of the end times are here. We must prepare. But! We are or is it just me? Concerned with our own avocado trees! ?

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