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As you may or may not know, the birth of prophet Jesus is believed to be on March or September by both Christianity and Islam. Although it is not quite sure when, it definitely is not on the 25th of December. Now why is Christmas (who is believed to be the birth of Jesus peace be upon him) then celebrated on the 25th of December. In fact, what does Christmas even mean? Why do people cut trees out of forests and decorate it the way it is? Who is Santa Claus? Why is Christmas celebrated by Christians today when originally it is not a Christian holiday? Why do some Muslims, Atheists and people of other religions celebrate it too?

These are all questions I had in mind, until I did some research and found out disappointing and shocking details. Firstly, what is Christmas?

Christmas, was celebrated by pagan sun-worshippers for thousands of years, before Jesus was even born. Pagans used to celebrate it when the sun begins its northward trek in the sky, and the days began to grow longer (Winter Solstice) and by burning the yule log. Since the sun has reversed itself and was now rising in the sky, pagans believed this was a sign the human sacrifices carried out in Samhain (Halloween) had been accepted by the gods.

Later on, the Roman Catholic Church changed the date to December 25th, calling it Christmas. Now the reason behind that was because originally Christmas predates Christianity through the Pagan holiday called Saturnalia, which was a weeklong of basically breaking the law from December 17th til December 25th that honored Saturn and included human sacrifices, intoxication, naked caroling and rape. During these 7 days there was no punishment for breaking any laws, according to the Roman law.
In the year 4 A.D, Christians adopted Saturnalia in the hopes that the pagans convert to Christianity by promising they could still celebrate Saturnalia as Christians. Since their holiday didn’t follow Christian’s principles, the Christian leaders designated Saturnalia as the birth of Jesus pbuh. And it continued to be celebrated and believed as such.

Now what does the symbols of Christmas signify ?

What does the symbols of Christmas signify ?

  1. Christmas tree: the sacred tree of the winter god. It is believed by the pagans that the spirit of their gods resided in the tree.
  2. Star: Pentalpha, the five pointed star. It is a powerful symbol of Satan.
  3. Candles: represents the sun-gods.
  4. Mistletoe: is the sacred plant symbolizing pagan blessings of fertility, thus, kissing under the mistletoe is the first step of the reproductive cycle.
  5. Wreaths: are circular, so they represent the female sexual organ and associated with fertility and the “cycle of life”.
  6. Santa: according to satanist “Santa” is an anagram for “Satan”.
  7. Reindeers: are horned animals representing the horned-god of pagan religion.
  8. Elves: are imp-like creatures who are Santa’s (Satan’s) little helpers. Also demons.
  9. Green and red: are traditional colors of the season and are the traditional colors of the pagans winter. Green is said to be Satan’s favorite color and red signifies human blood, it is Satan’s highest form of sacrifice.
  10. Christmas: even the name is pagan. “Christi” means “Christ” and “Mas” meant “Mass”. Since all pagan masses are commemorating death. “Christmas” actually means “the death of Jesus”.

The real truth about Christmas

Basically, the pagans celebrate Christmas in their coming of the Antichrist who is believed to deal a death blow to Jesus.
Conclusion, Christmas is a Satanic celebration of what is believed by the pagans to be the future death of Jesus Christ and not the celebration of his birth. As it is believed by many people today. Technically, not only it is originally neither a Christian or Muslim or Jewish holiday but it’s a Satanic pagan holiday ( just like Halloween) that involves inhumane activities. They sure did well in covering that one up.
Knowledge is powerful, read, before blindly following the majority. Just because everyone does it, it doesn’t mean you should no matter how innocent or fun it looks. Ask yourself why first.


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  1. I’ve always had a gut feeling that it had nothing to do with the birth of Christ, heard a bit here and there along the lines of this piece, but never this much detail. Damn, it’s worse than I thought. ?

  2. Great blog. I have been going through deep awakening and as they usually say “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. I have discovered much since then and it’s amazing what they uphold. t’s the first I’m getting this point of view but I’ve read that it has to do with astrological signs and the changes that come at such periods.

  3. Very interesting topic and maybe to some it may be a bit controversial, but one main point I have gathered from reading your post is how very important it is to always research the origin of things that may be customary and traditional… even enjoyable to many. At the end of the day it is important to get our Creator views on matters… this though may lead to another debatable topic as there are varying views as to who is God and what he requires… another post maybe? ?

  4. “Basically, the pagans celebrate Christmas in their coming of the Antichrist who is believed to deal a death blow to Jesus.
    Conclusion, Christmas is a Satanic celebration of what is believed by the pagans to be the future death of Jesus Christ and not the celebration of his birth. ”

    I don’t know of any pagans celebrating Christmas as the birth of antiChrist but I suppose there are cults that do. However to conclude that Christmas is a satanic celebration of death and not a Christian celebration of birth by 2 billion Christians around the world denies fact. Yes few people know about how the early Roman Church moved Christmas to coincide with Saturnalia to allure pagans but certainly did not include lawlessness, drunkenness and committing of crimes after the Church took over the Roman Empire in Fourth and Fifth Centuries. Certainly the early Christians of early centuries would not participate in such behavior nor would they tolerate such within their communities. . According to scripture no one can deal a death blow to Jesus. He has promised and asserted that he will prevail over all things. The Apostles Paul preached the the Messiah was not the property of the Jews but available to all people including pagans, Gentiles and Greeks as was his reference, a matter of conversion.

    The matter of antiChrist has many different understandings and definition of antiChrist has many conflicting definitions within various denominations. Is it such men as Hitler or Stalin or other evil people in history ? Probably not. In my personal understanding it is not a person. It is a force, a sort of evil karma that manifests itself in the deeds of evil men as the evil people are merely vessels out of which evil may appear. The promise of Christ is that His Kingdom will reign and that evil will ultimately be destroyed. On the other hand the condition of our world today with all it war and hate and evil sometimes makes it difficult to be optimistic that evil will be destroyed.

    1. I apologize for the delay, but I wanted to free myself so that I could answer you properly, first I start with the history of the pagans “we mean by pagans the non-Christians” and this for a very long time as we all know that people who do not believe in anything are too ready for Satanism, excluding Muslims (I am) Jews, and any other religion is not a religion that came from heaven (I mean the good god), it is our understanding as the dictates our sacred Quran (book equivalent to the true bible).
      Speaking of Jesus, as we all know that Jesus did not celebrate Christmas, he never celebrated it, we all know that it is legalized that he did. Again I come back to our Quran, which says that Jesus is not dead and he is alive, the good God raised him from him to protect him from the evil of the Christians of his time (the first Christians struck him and harassed and also threatened with death), the good god said in the Quran that Jesus will come back to earth and that in the end times and he will take control of everything and he will defeat the evil and he will kill him, antichrist, and that is a point that is not interpreted in the same way (Islam and Christianity). It is understandable that the antichrist is a human being (well not quite, but it is a living being very close to humans) this point has been explained by our prophet Mohamed (SAWS). returning to Christmas, in our religion the Christmas party is forbidden and celebrating it is a sinner, you know for what !? simply because this feast is not a religious festival, and Satan dictates to the Satanist to create this kind of festival to divert people from their true reason for living and to follow the instructions of the good gods and his prophets and c ‘is for this reason that Islam says there is no religion right on earth belonging to Islam (after the descent of Islam because before if Christianity was fair and also the Jewish religion)

      1. 1. “Speaking of Jesus, as we all know that Jesus did not celebrate Christmas, he never celebrated it, we all know that it is legalized that he did.”

        True he did not celebrate Christmas. There was no Christmas to celebrate. Where is the idea that anyone legalized that He did ?

        2. “(the first Christians struck him and harassed and also threatened with death)”

        Not true. The priests, elders and scribes of the Jews did this and wanted Him dead as He threatened Jewish system not Christians. Only Rome could perform capital punishment and they executed Jesus because the Jews in Judea were a pain in the ass for the Romans and they just wanted to keep things tame in Judea.

        3. “this feast is not a religious festival,”

        Huh ? Not true. Celebrating the birth of Jesus in a religious day(not a festival like Saturnalia) celebrated by Christians world wide. On the other hand the multibillion $ commercialism is a secular matter of business. This is not religious celebration but an expression of capitalism. Christians do participate in these parties and gift giving but understand that the is not a celebration of Jesus. Christmas as as money spending on gifts is also celebrated by non Christians and people of other religions and people of no religion.

        4. “good God raised him from him to protect him from the evil of the Christians ”

        Not true. Why would His followers do evil to Him ? The Resurrection is the sign that Jesus overcomes death, that His Kingdom is not of this world and that good will defeat evil and a form of resurrection is available to each person as one renounces sin and lives in the light of God through Jesus.

        1. 1. “Speaking of Jesus, as we all know that Jesus did not celebrate Christmas, he never celebrated it, we all know that it is legalized that he did.”
          We all know that Christmas was introduced by the priests of the church, the owner of the idea and reasons about the creation of this feast!!! I don’t know.

          2. “(the first Christians struck him and harassed and also threatened with death)”
          Okey, I did not know that the priests, elders and scribes of the Jews was not converted to Christianity, I thought that Jews was converted to Christianity because Jesus was sent to Jews because they distorted the Jewish religion.
          The Jews say that a 30-year-old man, Jesus Christ (a.s), declared himself to be the Messiah expected by the Jews and said he would re-establish the Kingdom of David. This man is, according to them, an impostor because:
          (1) the prophet Elijah, who was alive in heaven and was to come down before the arrival of the Messiah, has not yet descended;
          (2) (ii) it is written in the Old Testament that the false prophet must perish on the wood and since the Jews think they have killed Jesus Christ (a.s) on the cross, they consider him a false prophet, and therefore cursed. (may Allah preserve us!)
          Thus Christians and Jews say that Christ was cursed, with this difference only, that Christians consider this cursed death as the redemption of the sins of humanity, while the Jews think that Jesus Christ was a false prophet. They also believe that three days after his death on the cross Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, where to this day he sits at the right hand of God.
          Christians have not meditated on the real scope of the term “cursed”. Through the curse, the soul tarnishes and moves towards Satan; it cannot go to God. It is inconceivable that the heart of a prophet should be cursed, depart from God and go to Satan.
          So, if I anderstand the resistants elders jews killed Jesus!! And there is my and all muslims opinion:
          Muslims in general understand the meaning of the word cursed and that is why they accept neither the Jewish thesis nor that of the Christians. However, they have adopted a part of the Christian belief without thinking, that is to say, that Jesus Christ (a.s) is alive in heaven.
          Since they could not completely reject Jewish belief, they say that the Jews nailed to the cross was not Jesus Christ (a.s) but another person who had had his likeness. Christ was taken up alive in Heaven and must descend before the end of the world to kill the Dadjal (Antichrist), to break the cross, and to exterminate the swine race. They put forward two arguments in support of their thesis:
          (i) It is said in the Holy Qur’an that the Jews did not kill him, did not crucify him; but that God has taken it from Him, that is to say, in heaven. (Chapter 4, verses 158-160)
          (ii) In the Hadith it is said that Jesus Christ (a.s) will descend (will make his nuzul).
          Neither the Holy Quran nor the Hadiths mention the word “heaven,” but because of the words “rafa” (elevation) and “nuzul” (descent), they think the word “heaven” is implied.

          3. “this feast is not a religious festival,”
          Okey, I would’nt say feast, I said it by fault. precisely I see that distorting religion because of trade and business and capitalism is not fair from the church, and I believe it is a major mistake in the history of the church. It’s a fact.

          4. “good God raised him from him to protect him from the evil of the Christians ”
          Yes, I said on the top of this comment that it was a fault to say that his followers killed him because I thought that jews was converted and the idea of Jews which is that Jesus was an imposter reassure what you said about his death.

          1. I think most of my comment just got deleted and do not have the time to rewrite. I appreciate our conversation but most of my day is redoing my cartoons. Many are of various sizes and horizontal or vertical rectangles and need to be square if I want to make a book out of them. It is very tedious and am finding that most take more than 5 hours to redo and I have 500 to do and that would be one a day. I am not a Roman Catholic but a Protestant my denomination being Presbyterian. Perhaps a good idea for your study would be to google ” what do Presbyterians believe about god and Jesus” . It is very different from Roman Catholic theology. Regards.

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